"Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world."
- Italo Calvino

Farsi to English translation

I have extensive experience in translating various Farsi texts to clear and concise English, including academic records, immigration papers, legal documents, contracts, product brochures, audiotapes, instruction booklets, memoirs, travel diaries, websites, newspaper articles, commentaries, and analyses. 

In the past 20 years, I’ve worked on a wide range of projects with a long list of clients that have included press, broadcast media, translation companies, and private firms in Europe and the U.S.

Areas of expertise
I specialize in regional politics (Middle East & Iran), international finance, human rights, military, Global economy, manufacturing, commerce, and energy(oil & gas). I’ve also worked on a wide range of topics, including art criticism, tourism, illegal hunting, and drug addiction. While some of the translation projects do not involve providing additional information, others require extensive research. The value-added service provides greater context to the translated text.

Delivering high-quality results in a timely fashion is the key to developing a successful work relationship with clients. Also important is building trust by maintaining confidentiality. In most cases, the material submitted for translation contains contractual, financial, health, legal, and other sensitive and personal information that should remain confidential. I’m acutely aware of my ethical responsibility and take extra care to safeguard the content of the material that I’ve been entrusted with to translate.

Human translation
The field of translation has undergone a massive change with the advent of technology. Nowadays, most firms use one of the many translation software in the market to process a large volume of material in a relatively short period and at a low, competitive price. However, not even the most sophisticated software is capable of converting a text with the same accuracy as a human translator. Only a seasoned professional with cultural insight and strong skills can accurately and competently translate subtle nuances from the source to the target language.

- Linda Kimeisa, WIT Berry 

“I have worked with Fardine on several projects. I highly appreciate his ability to understand the nature of each project. He adapts to changing circumstances, and he always meets deadlines. ”